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Smart is in Brazil, and also in the world!

We have always believed that the connection between companies and consumers can create a world with better products and services. With that in mind, Smart Research has become a data collection company with the aim of showing that this reality is possible, both for companies and consumers.


Transforming market research into an easy task is our main goal. We create strategies to meet the expectations of our constantly evolving customers, and to respond to their needs in the fastest, most practical and effortless way.


Our expertise and market experience, as well as the trust shown by more than 100 customers served over 3 years, work as fuel to improve our technologies, logistics and processes. After all, growth is our focus.

Join big brands that are hitting their target audience

Smart Research is a Latin American data collection agency
With quality and reliability, we propose solutions and deliver data collection results in various sectors such as healthcare, consumer goods, food and beverage, financial services, automotive and artificial intelligence.

SMART’s excellence, with a focus on healthcare!

Healthcare is today’s hot topic, especially with the growing attention this industry is receiving in recent years. Knowing that, we have added to our trajectory a wide range of activities in this sector and its professionals.


Today we are proud to have a specialized team called Smart Health, which has professionals fully focused on providing the best service in every step of the healthcare research process.


We are also proud to have our own database of doctors, patients, nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians, payers and many more professionals who we can count on for all our health related projects.


You can count on Smart Health for your healthcare projects throughout Latin America!


Smart grew and, above all, maintained the quality of delivery, speed of processes and excellence in results.

“Smart Research’s surveys are dynamic and objective, which adds content to the professionals who participate.”

Glaucia G.


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