Conducting research with kids: tips and advices

Companies have already realized that kids have a huge influence on many industries. They directly […]

Companies have already realized that kids have a huge influence on many industries. They directly impact their parents’ purchases, so it was only a matter of time until companies started taking this in consideration on their business choices. Despite that, conducting research with kids is something that is not widely spoken about, and it can be tricky without the right team and information. 

Involve the parent or guardian

The first thing that should be done while carrying out research with children is getting the parent or guardian involved in the process. Firstly, there is the legal aspect of it: a minor needs permission from their parent or guardian for many things, and taking part in a research is one of them. So you want to ensure that all children have official parental permission to participate in your research. 

Secondly, every parent likes and wants to be involved in what their child is doing. They have the right to it, and it is definitely not a good idea for them to be unaware of their child’s participation in a research. So, making sure the parents or guardians are informed and participating in every step is the first and probably most important aspect for the success of your research.     

Get double consent

Because parents or guardians are also fully immersed in the process, it is important to get their consent as well. That way, with them involved from recruitment to incentive payment, there is less room for unexpected surprises or problems in the progress of the research.      

Then, obviously, the child’s consent is also needed. It is extremely easy to focus on the parent and forget about the child, but it is imperative to remember that the child is the target of the research. Despite needing adult supervision, it is the child who will engage and give their opinion and insight to the study. This means they need to be totally aware of what is expected from them, as well as that they can decline and choose not to participate at any point if they want to.   

Choose the right moderator

Choosing the right moderator for this type of research is also another decisive aspect. In order to successfully moderate research with kids, the person needs specific skills. Being able to capture their attention, using adequate language and adapting to any age group are some of them. Then, with all the permissions and a moderator that is considered a good fit, the research is certainly on the right path.      

Conducting research with kids can be considered an extra difficult process, but not when you have professionals like our team here at Smart Research. From a wide panel to a variety of forms for both parents and children, as well as moderators with proven experience, we are equipped for any task our partners need us to.