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Smart Research recently hit two incredible milestones: we celebrated two years since the company was founded, and we also received our first award which we already talked about here. So, to discuss a little bit more about these accomplishments and what we can expect for the future, we did a quick interview with our CEO and founder that you can check down below.    

An interview with our CEO, Eri Johnson Laurentino

What made you choose the market research area when you decided to start your own business? 

It is a long story. To make it short, I already had experience in this area, and in 2019 I felt I should take a risk and start something from scratch to help solve some problems I saw in the industry. I had one simple goal: help companies connect to consumers through data and have more power to make decisions, based on reliable and quality data.  

For those who are not very familiar, what exactly does a market research company do? 

The market research world is extremely broad, but I would say, ultimately, research companies provide data about a certain topic that the client wants to know more about in order to make better decisions for the business. For Smart, especifically, right now we focus on collecting the data and passing it on to our clients, for further analysis.  

Is it worth it to invest in this market in Brazil?

Undoubtedly! We know that, compared to other countries, Brazil is still far from the ideal. Doing research to keep improving products and consumer’s experience can be a lot more spread. It is still to become a common business practice here, but that is what drives us every day. Knowing we can help in a very simple way for companies to connect their PERSONA, through data, with the goal to create better solutions and the best experience possible for the user and final consumer.  

What led you to create Smart, and how was the process? 

I created Smart because I truly believe that a young company could really impact the industry for good. With a company that’s innovative and tech driven, 100% focused on the client, I knew we could take down many barriers. We want to remove these obstacles that exist today because of totally traditional methods, still used by some companies.  

Since the beginning, the most important thing for Smart is quality service. Why, among so many, was that characteristic chosen as the main one for the company? 

There is no better feeling than, for example, going to a restaurant, eating something you like, and being welcomed by an incredible service right? We love what we do and this includes delivering to our client the best experience possible, from communication through email to the final product. We want our clients to come back not only because our price is good, which makes us really accessible, but because they actually like our service and have complete trust in us.       

This year the creation of Smart Heath, a new division exclusively focused on healthcare projects, was announced. Where did the need for this new division come from? 

We saw an excellent opportunity to grow in this industry when we started such a tough pandemic year. We realized that, among so many challenges the world faced, and is still facing, during the pandemic, science, technology and health became decisive for humanity as a whole. The Smart Health division was created to provide a service that is 100% focused to healthcare clients. In addition, we also have a team that is totally focused on creating one of the biggest healthcare professionals platforms in the world. We are just getting started!  

Do you see other divisions being created from Smart in the future?

No doubts! By the way, stay tuned because in October we will launch a very innovative product, which will kickstart another division inside Smart Research. We will not stop here, and we want to continue growing in a sustainable way, always thinking about what is best for our clients.  

Has the pandemic affected, or is it still affecting Smart? How? 

We are very sensitive to the many businesses that have been strongly affected by the pandemic. Despite that, here at Smart we are super proud of our team and for the fact that we have grown more than 600% in number of clients, projects, country and industries coverage when comparing 2019 to 2020. This tremendous growth is also due to our focus on technology, which allows us to expand and deliver quality work even from afar. 

This year, Smart won the Best Global Market Research Agency Business Award 2021 – Latin America, by Acquisition International. It is one of the biggest business magazines from the United Kingdom. What brought Smart to this moment, and what does this award represent?   

I believe what brought us here was our team work, which is totally focused on the client. We do not get by our daily work thinking about receiving an award, this is not our focus. But we know this is a consequence of all the work we have been doing throughout the years, and we are extremely grateful for it. 

What are the next steps for Smart now?   

We see a future filled with potential in the research area, and we know that companies that base their daily decisions on data will have a lot more advantages in the future. This is what we want. We want to be a partner in which our clients trust, and to be the strong link on their day to day decision making. With our feet on the ground, humility, boldness and a lot of work, we focus on our goal to become a company that provides data for and through research worldwide. 

This is the first time an interview with our CEO and founder is posted here on the blog, and we truly hope it was informative. The goal is to always inform our readers about new market trends, best practices, and obviously about what is happening here at Smart. We will maintain our commitment to keep doing this the best way possible.


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