Market Research and Translation: a Deep Connection

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Talking about market research means talking about many other things. Research methodologies and revenue increase through data collection, for example, are some of the most commonly mentioned topics. Despite the fact that these topics get more attention in the market research discussions, every single aspect matters and makes all the difference for a research success. The connection between market research and translation, for example, is one of these overlooked, but still important, topics.

Translation and Market Research

Market research still has a lot of room to grow and to become even more popular than it currently is now in the business world. Nevertheless, companies are making use of it more and more, turning the market research area into a global industry. Because of that, it is not unusual for research companies to cover multiple countries, spread around different continents in the whole world.

Becoming global, then, means dealing with different cultures, different time zones, and different languages. In order to reach full potential, research companies need to be able to surpass these “barriers” and translation is an essential piece of this puzzle. Without it, communication with respondents and clients is compromised, but taking advantage of it certainly brings better results and a higher possibility of success.             

Translation Services at Smart Research  

Because Smart has an incredible reach of 40 countries, and counting, having bilingual and qualified professionals is obviously a need. Meeting the demands to each of our projects often means translating, from internal files to questionnaires that will go directly to the respondent. This apparently small and simple thing is actually crucial for the success of any project, as communication is the key for everyone involved to perform well their part.

Apart from that, we also have simultaneous translation professionals. They are the protagonists and main reason for the success of our focus groups, as we offer our simultaneous translation services for international partners. Despite being in the background, it is thanks to them that our partners are able to gather in-depth and quality information about their customers’ experiences and opinions.

Choosing the right team to translate material and ensure accurate communication throughout the research process is extremely important to obtain the best results possible. Moreover, giving this topic the importance it deserves definitely makes all the difference, not only for the project but also for the whole company as well. Smart Research and Smart Health offer a qualified team who knows the importance of a well done translation, and are eager to expand and improve those services even more.               


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