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Following our blog post about which quantitative research methods are used here at Smart Research, today we will explore the qualitative research services offered by our team. Qualitative research collects data that will not become statistics or numbers; the focus here is to gather experiences and opinions, diving deeper into the respondent’s mind to understand their feelings. That information, then, is used to improve their experience with any service or product. 

These are the qualitative research services available at Smart:  

Focus Groups, Dyads, and Triads

There are various Focus Group types, and we cover them all. There is the typical focus group, which has eight to ten participants, then the mini focus group with six to five participants, and the triad with three participants. Finally, we also have dyads which are focus groups conducted with only two participants. 

In-Depth Interviews  (TDI or IDI)

In-depth interviews take longer to make because, in this type of interview, the focus is the opinions and experiences of the interviewee. They usually last for about an hour, where the moderator investigates the interviewee thoughts, experiences and opinions. 

TDI stands for Telephone-Depth-Interviewing, which is when the interview happens through the phone, and IDI is for In-Depth interviews.

Web IDI” and Online Communities

The term “web in-depth interviews” is quite self-explanatory: it refers to in-depth interviews done through the internet. This is a very popular method and it becomes a great help when there is a need to conduct this type of interview with people from other cities or countries – which is very common in market research. This method became not just more popular, it became vital for research-making during the covid-19 pandemic we are currently in. With restrictions like social distancing and quarantine, computer-mediated interaction is the only way of interaction for many people, including researchers and respondents.    

An online community is a group of people joined online together by a common interest. These respondents are systematically chosen, whatever their profile is, and put together online for the purposes of the research. 

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are typically chosen to mirror common consumer behavior. This method is used to test the consistency of the habits that a specific brand or industry considers important. After the experiment, mystery shoppers submit detailed reports and feedback about their experiences.


Ethnographic market research is when participants are observed using a product or service in their own environment. This type of research can be used for both B2B and B2C products; it often takes the form of:

  • Participating in communities;
  • Gathering qualitative data through a blend of structured and unstructured interviews;
  • Direct observation;
  • Analysis of main issues within the qualitative data and identifying any contradictions

If your goal is to make accurate qualitative research, conducted by super efficient professionals, then our team here at Smart is the right choice. We will be more than happy to be a part of your journey in discovering how you can improve your service, or product, to make the best decision and thrive on your market.


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