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Quantitative research is one of the most popular and most used types of research worldwide, so it’s no surprise that it is also one of the most important types of research used by us here at Smart. Because this kind of research plays such a significant role in our company, here is a list of some of the quantitative research services that we offer. 


CATI and CAPI, abbreviations for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing and Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing respectively, are interview methods which use computer mediation to record and conduct interviews through phone calls or video calls. 

PAPI and CAWI stand for Paper and Pencil Interviewing and Computer Assisted Web Interviewing, respectively, and the names are quite self-explanatory. While PAPI means a more traditional and in-person type of interview, CAWI also refers to a computer-mediated way of making research, but guided or scripted by an algorithm.

Voice/speech and photo collection

This method is used in specific types of research, when there is a need to collect voice, speech, or visual samples from the respondents. 

Online and offline surveys

Online and offline surveys are also a very commonly applied method in our research-making process. Our online surveys are sent out to respondents and monitored by our team as answers are turned up, and our offline surveys are also applied by our experienced team members.    

Product and package tests

We also offer product and package testing services, conducted by our team. The testing process can take place in many locations, including our facilities in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.   

Customer satisfaction and market share

Finally, to close the list of quantitative services offered by us, we have customer satisfaction and market share. 

Customer satisfaction research happens very often through surveys as well, and market share research is when a company wants to measure their participation on the market, or in other words its portion of the market. 

These are the quantitative research services and methods our highly efficient and qualified team operates with while conducting our research, making sure our clients get exactly what they need with the highest quality in the market.      


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