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As mentioned in our previous post, the Healthcare Industry has a huge presence in the Market Research one. Healthcare companies are some of the biggest clients, and their demand is not only constant, but has been even bigger now because of the pandemic. It was because of this big demand that we felt the need to create Smart Health, our healthcare specialized division.       

What is Smart Health

Smart Health was created as a result of the incredible amount of healthcare projects we started receiving. These projects were frequent for us from the beginning, but the number increased so quickly that soon we realized we would have to create a specific division for it. By doing so, we knew it would be easier to organize and handle all those projects. 

This happened around 5 months ago, in the beginning of 2021. Smart Health might be young, but our numbers have only increased since then. As shown in our 2021 First Quarter Report, 47 healthcare projects were completed, with the majority of them being targeted at healthcare professionals. The breakdown by region showed that our strongest presence is in the Americas (on key countries like Brazil, Canada, and the United States) and the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). 

Wrapping up the report and breakdown, a very interesting trend was noticed. Many of our projects are managed in more than one country at the same time, and 28% of them are managed in multiple countries from different continents simultaneously. Another proof that our choice to create a healthcare focused division was very appropriate and made at the right time.        


We offer a variety of both quantitative and qualitative services, like moderation, surveys, in-depth interviews, and much more, all of which can be performed remotely. Because of these remote services, we were allowed to expand our country coverage and now we can basically reach any country our partner needs us to.     

Creating Smart Health, our specialized division, was the solution we found to better focus on our healthcare projects without putting aside the other industries we cover. Since then, the decision to create this new division has been extremely beneficial, not only for us but for our partners as well. A specialized and completely focused service is what sets us apart from other companies, and that’s what awaits you here at Smart Health.       


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