Smart’s First Semester Report: 2021

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As we close the first semester of 2021 and begin a new one it is important for us, as a company, to look back and analyse the results. By doing so, it is possible to not only understand what needs to be improved, but also to see what worked well. As a company that deals with data on a daily basis we know the benefits of evaluating results, and this is what we are doing right now with Smart’s first semester report of 2021. 

Commercial Expansion      

Smart had a 37,5% increase in its customer base, when comparing the number of new clients in 2020 and the clients we have now. This is obviously thanks to the impeccable work of our team, who work tirelessly to make sure all our potential partners know everything they need before working with us. Because of that, we recorded these incredible numbers, and were able to approve projects with 1 in every 3 new clients. 

This improvement in the number of clients consequently boosted the number of projects as well. The total amount of projects sold in this first semester was 40% more than all the projects we did last year. As a result of all this, Smart recorded a revenue increase. Our revenue had a 498,5% increment in the second quarter of 2021, when comparing it to the second quarter from 2020.  

Smart Research and Smart Health

A little more than half of the projects we approved this year were from the Healthcare industry, which just proves its relevance for our company. Making Healthcare research is something we have done since the beginning, and the consistency of this demand is what led us to create Smart Health. Now, as previously mentioned, our specialized Healthcare division holds a little bit more than half of all our projects and 70% of our total income.         

Considering all the projects, from both Smart Research and Smart Health, 64% were quantitative and 36% were qualitative. Quantitative research is evidently stronger, more as a reflection of our clients’ needs and demands than anything. Finally, wrapping up this cascade effect of growth, our country coverage went from 12 to 40 countries comparing 2020 to 2021, meaning a 233% country coverage increase.  

It is extraordinary for us to see how Smart is expanding and reaching new levels every quarter, every semester, and every year. All the results on Smart’s first semester report of 2021 are thanks to our team. They have always made sure every project has the highest quality and every partner has the best experience. Obviously, it is also thanks to our partners who are coming along with us on this journey of bettering products, services, and the world, through data.   


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