Technology use in market research

Technology was always used and important in research, especially in the process of obtaining and […]

Technology was always used and important in research, especially in the process of obtaining and analysing data. With technology development happening at a very fast pace, it was obvious that research in all its forms would develop and change with it. Despite not being applicable in all cases and for all types of research, technology use in market research is not only increasingly present now, it is also in the core of the process.    

In the past, when the technology we currently have was still in development and was not available, the research process was quite different. In Brazil, for example, a researcher was seen as someone who walks in the streets collecting data and taking notes on a clipboard, but this has obviously changed through the years. Now, with the internet and other tools, collecting and analysing data have turned into a more automatized process. 

Quantitative data, for example, can oftentimes be collected without the need for in-person interaction. This can be done with the help of tools like online questionnaires, which can be applied and answered by respondents basically any time, anywhere. The use of these tools, then, makes the process more automatic and faster. 

This kind of technology use has been crucial for our research here at Smart, helping us to simplify and speed up our processes. It is also helping us to expand our coverage even more, allowing us to reach all kinds of respondents in many different countries and continents. Growing like this and being able to keep offering our best to our clients would have been a lot harder without the research tools we have, thanks to technology.  

It should be noted that technology does not replace eye-to-eye contact, and that in-person communication is mandatory for certain research methods. Nevertheless it can be one of the best allies in the research-making process, and sometimes the reason why the process was successful. Undoubtedly, technology use in market research is here to stay and it brings many benefits to the research market when you understand how and when to use it.