The importance of respondents for quality research

Many times, when the topic is market research, the importance of a good and well […]

Many times, when the topic is market research, the importance of a good and well done research management is not only mentioned, but reinforced. This is not wrong, attentive project managers make all the difference while carrying out any research project, big or small. But maybe, focusing on the importance of the ones who lead the project takes away the attention from the importance of respondents for quality market research.  

Good project managers have a vital role in a project’s success, but respondents are the ones who actually make it happen. It’s from them that all the information needed comes from, so without them there is no research. This fact alone is enough to prove that the relationship with respondents should be one of the main concerns in any market research. Well informed and satisfied respondents lead to a successful and accurate market research. 

But how to guarantee this respondent-related quality? We can list 3 ways on how we do this here at Smart Research.

Make sure they all fit the required profile

Some projects require a more general profile, but depending on the topic and goals of the research this profile can be a lot more specific. Either way, make sure to recruit respondents who completely fit the profile requirements. Not only for the obvious reason that the client knows why they’re requesting that profile, but also to ensure accuracy. Recruiting a pediatrician for a project that needs hematologists, for example, will compromise the research because a pediatrician will not be able to deliver the information only a hematologist can.

Be available

It is very common for respondents to have questions during the process, and you need to do your best to answer them all. The more questions and doubts the respondent has, the more confused they become, and their confusion can compromise their participation on the research. So, it is essential that you are available to them through the whole process, when needed.  

Communication is key

Communicate clearly and professionally what is expected from the beginning. Respondents are giving their time and knowledge to your research, they deserve to know all they need to do, when, and how. They also deserve to know about any unexpected changes that might require adjustments concerning them and their role in the research process. This will create an environment of trust and transparency, benefiting all involved. 

These are some of the ways we guarantee our research quality: giving the right importance and value to our respondents, their opinions and experiences. By doing so, solid data will be collected and the research will be a success for everyone.