UX and its importance for business

The term “UX”, an abbreviation for “User Experience”, first appeared in the 90’s and was […]

The term “UX”, an abbreviation for “User Experience”, first appeared in the 90’s and was popularized by computer scientist Don Norman. It has been largely used since then, and UX has continually shown its importance for business in the last few years. This market has been growing very quickly, and proving to be a very important area to pay attention to and invest in.

What is UX? 

UX is a strategy focused on delivering the best experience the user could possibly have with any product or service, in any platform. Its goal is to convert and attract loyal customers, by providing a great experience based on things like a responsive, organized, and intuitive design.

However, UX is not limited to the digital world and good website/app designs. It refers to anything capable of affecting or changing the user’s ideas or feelings, from a fast loading website with an organized design to having a comfortable store to receive your customers. From hiring a team that knows how to deal with people to developing computers that are easy to carry and set up, and so on. 

UX makes all the difference 

The smallest detail can be the difference between your brand’s (or product) success or not. Giving the correct importance and listening to your consumers will let you know exactly how to provide them the best experience. By doing so, you will certainly have a satisfied customer, and will be sure to reach all your business goals.   

We are very excited and eager to provide services in the UX area, such as surveys and interviews, and to help our clients understand its importance. We have an already experienced and specialized team in UX, ready to assist our partners in everything. If guaranteeing an excellent user experience and customer satisfaction is your main goal, then helping you achieve it is our biggest one.