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Smart Research was created in April 2019, with the goal to help its clients to collect important insights and help them to not only precisely analyse the course of their research, but also to help them reach their goals. After working for more than five years in market research agencies, Eri Johnson Laurentino and two partners realized that, with the right mindset and the right team, Smart could differentiate itself and develop a strong bond with the clients, who need this kind of partners when they are doing their research.

Focused on market research, both quantitative and qualitative, Smart offers many services so its clients can collect the data they need in the most precise, quick, and professional way possible. In qualitative research, some of the available services are: projects management, moderation, simultaneous translation and materials translation. In quantitative research the services are: recruitment, transcripts, fieldwork and translation of open-end questions. 

To deliver this and other services, which are all listed at the company’s official website, Smart counts on a team of efficient and qualified professionals who perform and supervise the activities, ensuring a high quality finished work.   

This is Smart’s biggest priority: quality. The data collection process must be done in a very careful way, paying attention to each step and detail, because this data will be used by the client to make important decisions in their company or project so it needs to be precise and collected the right way. If this doesn’t happen, there is a possibility of failure along the way. 

This is why market research is so important. Taking any decision requires carefully thinking about each aspect and possible consequence, and also thoroughly planning each step taken for the goal to be achieved. It is not different when it’s about a project or a company. Without the safety of having the data needed and correctly obtained a decision can be poorly made. On the other hand, with the correct data, obtained through a well done research, reaching the goal becomes a much more concrete possibility.

That is the work being made at Smart Research for over one and a half years, with clients from different countries, continents and from the most diverse areas, influencing changes through data collection.  


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