Smart Research Awarded by Acquisition International

Becoming a successful company, recognized by its high quality and innovative work, was definitely a […]

Becoming a successful company, recognized by its high quality and innovative work, was definitely a goal when Smart Research was created. Our vision was always towards the future, and ambition and boldness have been our trademarks from the beginning. These, and more, led to Smart Research being awarded by Acquisition International.

About Acquisition International       

Acquisition International is a monthly digital magazine committed to bringing its readers the latest news, comment and analysis of modern business all around the world. It is part of AI Global Media Ltd, a UK based B2B publishing house dedicated to delivering content across all 16 brands within its portfolio.

Acquisition International was launched in 2010, and since then it has evolved into a business source that many professionals rely on for the business knowledge, insight and news they need. The magazine is circulated to over 108,000 professionals, including top tier managers, investment professionals, business advisers and service providers.

The Business Excellence Awards are one of the award programmes held by Acquisition International, and have gone into its 8th edition this year. It is among many other groundbreaking companies that Smart Research is honored to be featured as the Best Global Market Research Agency, on the 2021 edition of this award.    

What’s Ahead

We believe the fact that Investigación inteligente is awarded now is a recognition of the work we have done throughout these two years. Even though we are quite aware of how much work is continuously put on each of our projects, things like this award are amazing surprises for us. It serves us as proof of how far we have come already, and how much farther we can still go. 

This award was thanks to our partners, who continuously trust us with their precious information and projects. It is also thanks to our extraordinary team, delivering everything they can and then some more. This ensures that our partners have the best insights possible and the best experience ever. This is the epitome of all the work done in the last two years, and we will keep working for even better quality and results, aiming to deliver our customers the best experience and to be a new tech-driven influence in our industry.