Voice shopping in 2021 is coming to stay

It is probably safe to say 2020 was “the year where everything went digital”. With […]

It is probably safe to say 2020 was “the year where everything went digital”. With the onset of the pandemic and social distancing restrictions all over the world, people started working, studying, and buying online more often. Although online shopping is nothing new it definitely became more popular and expanded to new horizons, like voice shopping. Voice shopping in 2021 might not seem like the biggest trend, but it is definitely one to look out for.  

This type of online shopping appeared recently, along with voice speaker virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. The popularity of these technologies is soaring and it is rapidly changing not only consumers’ relationships with brands, but also their customer journey.      

Voice shopping in the USA  

Home of Amazon and Google, two of the biggest companies in the world including voice speaker assistants, the United States is obviously a leading country in this topic. A proof of that is the fact that the Amazon Echo and Google Home usage is escalating, and for the most varied purposes. American consumers are using these devices as alarm clocks, smart home control panels, music players, and obviously to buy products online. 

A smart speaker sales forecast from Loup Ventures predicts that 75% of U.S. households will have smart speakers by 2025. To add on that, voice commerce sales are also anticipated to grow and reach 40 billion dollars by 2022. This steady growth in one of the biggest economies and trendsetters in the world makes it possible to assume that voice shopping is making its way to become one of the main e-commerce forms worldwide.        

E-commerce in Latin America

The pandemic made 2020 one of the most difficult years for Latin America’s retail industry, as mentioned in our previous post. But, as also mentioned, this industry is in full recovery now and showing signs it’s coming back in full force. Today, Latin America is the world’s fastest-growing retail ecommerce market. 

Latin America’s retail ecommerce sales grew 63% in 2020 reaching 104.60 billion dollars, which is more than triple the 19% estimated growth in emarketer’s May 2020 forecast. Clearly, buying online is a habit now for latin americans and it seems like it’s a permanent one. The scenario then is extremely convenient for the establishment of voice shopping as one of the main online sales forms in the region in 2021.

Seeing new and innovative solutions like voice shopping appear, in any industry, makes us love what we do even more. With technology, creativity, and the right partner, every company can reach their highest goals and impact employees, the market, and the world, for good. That is why and how we work with every partner from any industry, including major retail companies, and this is what drives us to deliver the best service and experience possible.